On this page you can see every dog that has been in my breeding program from 1994-2010. These dogs were not selected by their merit of conformation to breed standard. From my very first registered Siberian Husky, Kimi, I have strived to find the most versatile, obedient, and workable representative of each litter to carry on the gene-pool.


  Every puppy in a litter is capable of a performing a a few tasks on a consistent basis, thus making them a good working dog. The puppy selected to enter the breeding program, must show the greatest aptitude for learning new tasks quickly, have the biggest vocabulary comprehension, operate well within a pack as well as in public, and be a natural leader who helps teach other dogs by example.

   In 2001 Althea showed herself to be Seizure Sensitive(Read About Us for the whole story), as well as her ability to naturally deal with the situation. In 2003, I found that after exposure to Althea picking up seizures Adia and 3 of her offspring could mimic the behavior patterns. Each dog also developed their own unique behavior patterns for seizures. Seizure Sensitive dogs, are now given preference in litters to continue the line. The reason is, that it appears easiest for a mother to teach her offspring. In 2004, both Althea and Adia were successful in helping identify and train most of their puppies for this unique work.

  I had been a fan of Howling Spirit Racing Siberians for some time. They had the best blend of imported bloodlines from over seas, were of a reasonable Seppala Siberian Sled Dog content, and were reportedly of a sweet temperament and easy to work with. In 2006, I purchased Howling Spirits Scooby, who was out of Howling Spirits' first litter. Scooby was a proven working dog, and produced puppies with an excellent work ethic. It is for this reason that I look towards kennels that work their dogs in harness first now when selecting studs for my litters.

   I have been to Howling Spirit Racing Siberians twice since acquiring Scooby. In 2006, I acquired Halo and in 2010, PDiddy and Penny Lane. The reason why I turn to this kennel again and again, is because Phil Ruhl(Owner, Trainer, Musher) uses a great variety of working lines from all over the world, so inbreeding is not a great concern.

   Over the next few years, I will be slowly integrating many new lines into my breeding program. The overall goal, is to prove workable specimens from various background to continue the genetic health  and evolution of this natural breed, in a positive direction.

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